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Hypnotic Evolution has proven results in the following areas:

 Quit Smoking [Top]

Everyone’s reason for smoking cigarettes is different. Your quit Smoking program will be individually tailored to your specific needs. That is why it is so successful.

Viola’s Quit Cigarettes Program addresses your core base reasons why you smoke. Habitual reasons why you smoke are replaced with a new range of healthy and beneficial habits. Viola also incorporated healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle in her Quit Cigarettes Program so you can enjoy the broad range of healthy living and healthy state of mind in your healthy future.

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"Hypnotherapy made Quit smoking a positive experience."

I waited too long to do something about giving up smoking, because I didn’t think I was strong willed enough. Viola’s Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Program made quit smoking a positive experience.

It is just great how healthy I feel. I have more energy and my health is improving day by day, because I am done with choking up my lungs with smoke. Quit smoking saved my health and a lot of money.

Theo from Mt.Eliza - January 2011

 Hypnotherapy for Medical Conditions and Fertility [Top]

Viola specializes in Hypnotherapy for Medical Conditions such as Chronic Pain, Tinnitus, Fibromyalgia, Cancer and more.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Medical Conditions does NOT replace medical treatment or medical advice, it works ALONGSIDE and COMPLIMENTARY

More and more research reveal the effectiveness of hypnosis to reduce symptoms of medical conditions, reducing stress and anxiety before surgery, speed up healing and repairing processes and even reduce health care costs for hospital patients, shortening their stay in the hospital and use less medication.

Hypnotherapy can help cancer patients to cope better with symptoms and treatment and make them more comfortable reducing stress allowing them to focus on health and repairing.

"Chronic pain after back surgery"

Viola was recommended by my osteopath for chronic pain after back surgery.

Medical treatment could only do so much for me and I needed to get into a good frame of mind to address the ongoing management of my condition.

Viola taught me how to manage pain effectively so that I was able to return to work and what is more important life.

She also taught me Self hypnosis as a tool which I now practice every day for pain management, headaches and minor stress.

Viola’s hypnotherapy program helped me to live my life in a more comfortable way.

"Breast Cancer"

Thank you Viola to help me through the most difficult time of my life.

I was able to go through ALL of the necessary medical treatments with much more ease, giving my body the best chance to heal.

Sarah D Mentleigh East, 2016


Before I was diagnosed with FM I did not even know what it was.

Viola helped me with hypnosis and neuroplastic transformation techniques to take care of pain, fatigue and other symptoms of this disease which effects one in four women.

I feel more in control and recognise first signs of FM episodes.

I can now identify why/when the FM kicks in and take care of the symptoms and get better.

FL, December 2015

 Weight Management [Top]

An overweight person may be overeating or eating unhealthy food despite consciously thinking it is unhealthy and wanting change.

The Subconscious mind has different ideas but these are hidden from the view of the conscious mind. The person cannot understand why they Yo Yo diet and/or persist with unhealthy eating habits. This is because the subconscious desire to eat unhealthily keeps silently pestering despite the conscious efforts to stop.

Hypnotic suggestions to the subconscious mind to eat healthily and/or to eliminate a particular group of food can change this – resulting in weight loss and a healthy life style.

Viola can help you:

  • Let go of emotional eating
  • Reduce cravings for unhealthy food
  • Motivation to life a healthy life style by eating healthily

Techniques used:

  • Individual tailored Hypnotherapy including Aversions and/or other powerful techniques
  • Virtual Gastric Banding

Which is performed by visualizations techniques to simulate the gastric banding procedure.

With the power of hypnotherapy you train your mind and body to:

  • To decrease portion size of meals
  • To heat slowly
  • To eat healthily
  • To decrease cravings
  • To decrease snacking in between meals


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Please view the testimonials of Viola’s clients with great result after participating in Viola’s Weight Managing Program which includes among other powerful hypnotherapy techniques, Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Banding.

This is a humongous thank-you note for VIOLA.

I rate myself as the world’s greatest skeptic, cynic and doubter of all time! I do not believe in anything which I can’t see, feel, touch, smell, taste or experience myself firsthand. And “Hypnotism” was something that was little more than hocus-pocus to me.

3 sessions with VIOLA changed that long-held belief for me!

I consulted VIOLA on “Weight Management”. In the back of my mind, when I signed up, I had this unhealthy thought that I would expose hypnotherapy as nothing more than a program preying on the weak-minded! Boy!

THANKFULLY, Was I wrong!

I consider myself an intelligent person:

  • I know what’s my healthy weight-range. I knew I was overweight.
  • I knew I had bad eating habits.
  • I knew that I was eating the wrong foods – even at the moment I ate it.
  • And the list goes on.
  • But I could not bring myself to right these wrongs.

At my initial consultation with VIOLA, she thoroughly explained what HYPNOTHERAPY is, the processes involved, how it works, and particularly what she can do for me re: weight management. She won my complete trust after that initial consultation (no longer did I fear, like most first-timers do, that she will implant something in my brain that is against my will).

The short of my tailored HYPNOTHERAPY PROGRAM with VIOLA is that WE discussed and MUTUALLY agreed on several aspects (the “bad” bits) of my lifestyle, eating habits, favorite foods, etc. that I needed her help in reinforcing my subconscious mind to pay attention to and to rectify for the better : To initially lose weight and then to maintain it at the desired level (I am not going into my specifics in detail as they will differ for every individual).

After the 3rd session with VIOLA, what I do see are some remarkable changes in the following aspects (and all for the better):

  • my philosophy on food and eating
  • my cravings
  • the frequency and serving sizes of my meals
  • the type of foods I am eating / not eating, etc.

I do not feel being “forced” to do anything I don’t want to – everything appears so “natural” and so “normal” and easy.

I am well on my way to lose weight, easily… naturally, slowly but surely (just the way I want it to be) … AND with no sense that I am being deprived of anything I desire!

So, it’s a thumbs-up from me, for VIOLA and her Hypnotherapy Programs!

ERIC LOW (Bentleigh, Victoria)
September 2012

I am so glad that we went to see her.

My husband and I went to Viola to help deal with our weight, health and stress issues. It has become an incredibly journey for us first dealing with the certain foods that were not advantageous and then the triggers and stresses that draw you to them without even thinking. We have been able to find a peacefulness within ourselves we haven't had for a long time and that it is ok to take time each day to meditate and heal. The weight is coming off bit by bit, not too fast as that would not be healthy for us. The weight is coming off as we heal and continue our journey towards health and well being. The journey has become a new way of life each day ,we wake with a new positive attitude and more energy. We can never thank Viola enough for what she has given us and for her support and genuine care ,she has a true gift and I am so glad that we went to see her . Thank you Viola for the peace ,happiness and hope you have given us .The journey continues.

Joanne and John S

Managing migraine with self hypnosis and over coming chocolate cravings.

I am a Nurse in Germany/ Oldenburg and consulted Viola for my ‘ chocolate addiction’ and stress related migraine.

I was amazed that the ‘ chocolate cravings vanished after the first session with Viola and even more impressed when Viola and I worked towards a migraine free future for me. Viola taught me powerful self hypnosis techniques that enable me to identify the causes and start of a potential migraine and to successfully stay migraine free. Thanks again.

Claudia K., Germany Oldenburg, June 2012

 HypnoBirthing® [Top]

The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing® is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, for achieving a safer, easier more comfortable birthing. You and your partner will learn to birth your baby in a safe, calm and peaceful way. Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis, you will learn relaxation techniques to eliminate fear, tension and pain so that you can achieve a calm, serene and comfortable birthing experience. The HypnoBirthing® method teaches you that in the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour.

Advantages to using HypnoBirthing®

  • Eliminates fear and tension before, during and after birthing
  • Reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical anaesthesia
  • Eliminates fatigue during labour, leaving the mother fresh, awake and energised to bring her baby into the world
  • Reduces pelvic floor damage
  • Eliminates postnatal discomfort
  • Babies are better adjusted and happier, resulting in better eating and sleeping routines
  • The birthing companion is an integral part of the birthing, not an onlooker
  • Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours
  • Eliminates the risk of hyperventilation fro “shallow” breathing
  • Promotes special bonding for mother, baby, and birthing companion
  • Birthing is returned to the safe, beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

Click here to view our HypnoBirthing® FAQ

"I feel that I re-claimed my power"

I met Viola in Germany when I was 30 weeks of gestation. At the time I had two girl friends that where pregnant as well and we all used to listen to the gory birth stories other mums told us. Needless to say that we became more and more scared the closer our “ date of arrival of our babies “ came.

With the HypnoBirthing® program I quickly learned that birth can be a calm and gentle experience with very little discomfort. I feel that I re claimed my power as a women and the trust in my body. I learned powerful self hypnosis techniques that enabled me to enjoy my birth experience and I felt that this is an experience that I and my birth partner will always cherish. Thank you Viola, I hope you come back to Germany for my second child.

Claudia K. from Germany Hamburg - 2011

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 Fertility [Top]

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies , infertility has doubled in the last 40 years and to date one in six couple are considered infertile. It is well known that having fertility problems can be very challenging in many ways and may result in emotional issues and stress.

What happens to the mind/body when it is stressed?
During stressful times – especially when prolonged, Adrenaline is produced. Overproduction of Adrenaline in turn prevents the production of the hormone Progesterone, which helps to build and maintain the lining of the uterus.

Overproduction of Adrenaline also increases levels of Prolactin, which inhibits fertility and lessens the chances of conceiving.

After prolonged stress the sympathetic nervous system can become hyper stimulated and may sends less blood to the uterus and ovaries, thereby impairing optimal healthy functioning .

The importance of pre conception care with hypnotherapy is evident through several research studies which show that cases of infertility, poor fetus formation and miscarriage could have been prevented.

More and more ‘ to be parents’ become aware of the import role the mind plays in conceiving a healthy baby.
Dr, A.Domar has published in several important journals, such as Fertility & Setriliey ( 1090 and 2000) and the Journal of the American Medical Women’s association (1999). She emphasizes the importance of ‘ mind and body’ techniques, including hypnosis to reduce stressors that interfere with conception and a healthy full term pregnancy.

Experts from around the world proving the effectiveness of hypnosis to stimulate fertility.

A new study published in June 1 Fertility and Sterility / American Society of Reproductive Medicine , shows that women who participate in a mind/body program for stress reduction while undergoing IVF treatment have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not – 52% vs 20% ( 28% more success when participating in Fertility Hypnotherapy )

Studies also indicate ‘ infertile’ women using hypnotherapy have up to 55% conception success rate, as compared to only 20% for those not following these methods.

Viola’s Hypnotherapy Fertility Program is designed to restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally. This program is designed to assists alongside medical interventions such as IVF, Assisted Reproductive Technology etc and/or as a single Fertility Program for women and men to improve fertility and health of male and female reproductive organs.

Viola’s Fertility Hypnotherapy Program is a non – invasive advanced hypnotherapy program specifically designed to help couples to conceive naturally or as a alongside treatment with IVF and/or other medical procedures.

Viola’s Fertility Program has been proven to be highly effective so that she is now training other fellow hypnotherapists how to use her technique to support couples to become pregnant and to enjoy a healthy full term pregnancy.

If you would like to discuss Viola’s Fertility Program further please call her directly on 0425 257 409

"Finally Pregnant after 5 years of heartbreak "

Viola was highly recommended to me by a friend who had fallen pregnant with Viola’s Fertility/hypnotherapy Program.

No need to go into the heartbreaking details a women and her partner go through when one failed pregnancy follows the other. It is a cycle of hope and devastation! Whether one does IFV or any other medical Fertility Program, how can one fall pregnant when mind and body are still holding on to grief, stress and fear.

I heard the words’ Just relax and you fall pregnant’ so often I wanted to scream. I DID NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO RELAX ANYMORE!!

When I started my sessions with Viola, I learned about mind body connection and how I had been using my mind to work against rathe than for me.

I LEARNED to relax, we addressed my fear of being a parent, we healed past trauma and with incredible imagery build up my ‘ Internal Nursery” – ovaries and my Uterus.

Viola’s Fertility Program was an empowering and healing experience. And we just recently welcomed my beautiful baby girl into this world – Natural conception!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your wonderful healing and empowering hypnotherapy. Jennifer, Mitchel and Baby Sally, Melbourne 2013

With my upmost gratitude, I would like to thank Viola for her incredible support and highly professional Hypnotherapy Fertility Program.

As most women know how disempowering it is to go through IVF, counting days, injecting hormones, ’ having your eggs’ collected’ and then fertilised in a lab etc. Pregnancy becomes a medical matter. Viola’s hypnotherapy program helped me to cope with injecting hormones, to remain positive and to connect with my baby before and when it was transferred into my uterus. We worked on building up my uterus and womb to welcome this little one and to keep it save for a healthy full term pregnancy.

I discovered that although I was in the hands of medical practitioners to manage my body, I could use my mind to feel empowered, to feel that I am still a women and not a number.

I even listened to my ,from Viola recorded, MP3 before the embryo was transferred . And even the nurses listened.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and participating in Viola’s HypnoBirthing program. What a great journey it has been.

I feel very fortunate. Xoxo thank you!!

Carol Victoria - May 2014

"Viola’s Fertility Program was an empowering and healing experience"

When I started my sessions with Viola, I learned about mind body connection and how I had been using my mind to work against rather than for me.

I LEARNED to relax, we addressed my fear of being a parent, we healed past trauma and with incredible imagery build up my ‘ Internal Nursery” – ovaries and my Uterus.

Viola’s Fertility Program was an empowering and healing experience.

And we just recently welcomed my beautiful baby girl into this world Natural conception!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your wonderful healing and empowering hypnotherapy.

Jennifer, Mitchel and Baby Sally - Melbourne

 Sleep Disorders [Top]

Hypnotic Evolution can help you with a wide range of sleep disorders such as sleep walking, insomnia, bed wetting and snoring. When you asleep your conscious mind is not involved in all of these disorders. It is the subconscious mind that is involved and active when you sleep.

With hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can be conversed with easily and corrections can be made on the subconscious level.

For more information on Sleep Disorders click here to Contact Us.

 Insomnia [Top]

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder and often has a devastating effect on your live. As a consequence of Insomnia you may suffer lack of energy during the day, lack of concentration, irritability or poor performance at work.

For some people it is simply a matter of dealing with their stresses in life to achieve a better sleep and for others it is it may simply be learning how to relax when they go to bed. Learning how to relax on a subconscious and conscious level , enables you to sleep deeply and easily. All of this can be resolved using hypnotherapy techniques to improve your sleep. You feel mentally and physically better, improve your overall well being and also your health.

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Sleep walking [Top]

Sleep walking is usually a problem children display, however it can continue into adulthood and cause considerable distress. With advanced hypnotherapy techniques the subconscious mind that is responsible for this type of disorder is directly conversed with and you can resolve this issue.

For more information on Sleep Walking click here to Contact Us.

 Stress, Anxiety, Fears, and Phobia’s [Top]

Do you limit yourself by negative emotions, fears and limiting beliefs?

Are anxious to expose yourself to certain situations or events, which prevents you to live your life to the fullest?

Do you suffer from depression and the feeling that you are stuck in a black hole?

Viola’s Stress Anxiety and Phobia Program can help you to over come negative emotions, fears and phobias and anxiety by addressing the underlying cause of the limiting feelings. Allow yourself to free yourself from subconsciously stored negative emotions and beliefs and Re-program your mind to greater peace and self- worth. Learn to Self – Hypnotize as a skill to change undesired thought patterns, undesired emotions and to create personal growth, inner peace and balance in your life.

For more information on Stress, Fears and Phobia's click here to Contact Us.

The Terror of Heights

If you want to make a significant change in your life then contemplate hypnotherapy with Viola. I highly recommend Viola ! Viola is professional highly trained and has my full trust.

For over 60 ( almost my whole life ) years I was suffering from a severe fear of heights. I was not able to step up a ladder more than 3 steps without freezing on the spot with terror. Even when I faced a life threatening situation involving heights, I was not able to function, I froze.

When I realised that this fear of heights was not only preventing me from doing things I really wanted to do, like climbing the Sydney bridge etc, but had also become potentially dangerous, I followed the advise of a friend to get over the terror of heights with Viola’s hypnotherapy program.

Within a few sessions of Viola and I working together with hypnotherapy and other techniques, I developed a normal and healthy judgement of heights. A common sense judgement replaced the terror I felt before. I can now judge situations involving heights using common sense of safety. I can now participate in sports that involve heights, judge with common sense and make informed decisions.

I highly recommend Viola’s Hypnotherapy. She changed 60 years of feeling the terror of heights to a natural normal common sense judgement of heights, keeping me safe. This freedom opened up opportunities for me I wouldn’t have had before.

Just do it – It’s well worth it

Ely L December 2016

"The difference was amazing"

I was booked to travel to China to attend a very important, week long, Board meeting where I was also expected to run several business boot camp sessions.

At the time, I was feeling mentally exhausted and completely void of any productive and fresh ideas. The fact that this meeting was only 2 weeks away didn’t help the unusual stress I was feeling.

A friend of mine recommended me to Viola, who had helped him to quit smoking. After only 2 sessions, the difference was amazing, the creative blockage I was feeling was absolutely gone. I had an excellent, productive week in China. Thank you Viola.

Peter from Melbourne - September 2010

"Powerful hypnotherapy to identify and eliminate stress"

Being a paramedic in one of the busiest towns in Germany can be stressful. Not only due to what one has to deal with on a day/nights work, but also with the strains of shift work.

I consulted with Viola in June 2012 in Germany, where she helped me to manage current stresses in my life through hypnotherapy, teaching me powerful self hypnosis and focusing techniques that enabled me to give 100% when being exposed to the challenging work I do. She also helped me to improve my sleep, which had been out of balance due to the shift work. My work and my home life are back in balance, I have more energy due to good quality of sleep and my health has improved.

I am glad to have met Viola on her work/travels through Germany. Thanks once again.

Philipp K. Germany, Oldenburg, June 2012

"I would highly recommend Viola"

I came to Viola after hearing about her through past clients, my daughter was in her final year of high school and was feeling anxiety and stress coming towards the exam period. After only a few sessions Viola was able to calm her, alleviate the stress and then taught her excellent techniques to use when she felt overcome by these feelings at any time.

This helped her to study effectively and perform well at exam time. As a result, my daughter did very well in her VCE and gained a place at the university of her choice. I would highly recommend Viola for VCE preparation, stress release, confidence boosting, memory technique and general anxiety. Thankyou so much Viola!!

 Resilient Children and Young Adults [Top]

As a parent of two children Viola knows what it is like to being kept awake at night by children with bad dreams and anxious feelings regarding school exams or bullying. Children of all ages can benefit from hypnotherapy.

It has the potential to make the life of your child something they relish and enjoy as they grow and evolve.

Research has shown that preschoolers and children up to the age of eighteen remain to be fastest growing market in the world of anitdepressants. Anxiety and worries effect the child AND the family.

Viola’s program for children and young adults uses clinical hypnotherapy, counseling and Sleep Talk ( Sleep Talk up to the age of 12 ) to help parents and children to feel calmer, happier and connected with each other.

Viola can help your child in many different areas such as:

  • General Anxiety/ Panic Attacks
  • Academic Performance
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • Sport
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • And many more

It’s always good to speak to a person about how hypnotherapy can help your child to grow and evolve.

You can contact Viola on 0425 257 409

SleepTalk™ for Children is a is a simple, non intrusive self esteem and behavior changing process for children that can help them overcome a wide range of issues.

It can successfully improve bed wetting, nail biting and other nervous habits, fears and anxieties, eating habits, ADHD, autism, shyness, confidence, school performance, separation anxiety, toilet training, nightmares, phobias and more.

It empowers the parents of the child to perform” Sleep Talk “to achieve desired change gently. The process is easy to learn and only takes a few minutes nightly at bedtime to implement. What’s more, it can’t be done wrong.

The SleepTalk™ process involves talking to your sleeping child at a specific stage of his or her sleep cycle allowing for specific messages to be accepted at a subconscious level. Using precise language tailored to your child’s specific needs and the correct tone parents can help their child achieve profound and positive change. The parents are taught how to perform Sleep Talk and are supported by Viola until change is achieved.

Benefits of SleepTalk™ for Children

  • Improved Behavior
  • Improved Concentration
  • Self Esteem
  • Health and Well-being
  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Inner Strength
  • Better Relationships
  • Self Assurance

Viola Baxevanis is an Accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant.

For more information on SleepTalk™ click here to Contact Us.

"I am amazed about the results"

I am amazed about the results it brought to us.

The children are more settled, fears where relieved and sibling rivalry settled. We are entering now the second phase of process and I am looking forward to continue the empowering and gentle process to encourage my children to reach their potential and become more confident and balanced within themselves.

Heather from Oakleigh - October 2011

 Athletic Performance [Top]

Two athletes that train the same amount of hours a week, two athletes that share the same determination and talent and yet one achieves much higher outcomes. Why is this the case. Any sport is as much as it is a matter of fine tuned technique, a matter of a positive and confident mindset. Have you ever played golf well in a social game, however during a tournament, your nerves and sabotaging voice gets “ the better of you”?

Have you ever performed great during your training sessions playing football, yet on the field the onlookers and the noise distracts you in a way that you cannot concentrate and fail your team?

With individually tailored hypnotic suggestions hypnotherapy can enable you to focus on only what is important for you to succeed, can increase your confidence and can improve your technique and much more. When you visualize yourself executing a fine tuned technique for your, for example, downwards swing during your round of a golf tournament, you actually fire the same neurons in your brain as when you physically play. Hypnotherapy can empower you to become more confident, focus, be motivated, be motivated, improve team cohesion and to take charge of your thought.

Hypnotic Evolution uses effective hypnotic techniques to help you to construct a focused mental attitude to enable you to enter “ your zone “ , which will give you a boost in your athletic abilities.

You can achieve a mental mind set that enables you to overcome barriers that were holding you back. You gear your mind for success.

For more information on Athletic Performance click here to Contact Us.

On Top of MY Game

After long consideration whether I should give away my secret. I decided, since I had absolutely outstanding, mind staggering success with Viola’s hypnotherapy sessions I will share this on Viola’s website.

I play golf !

Have been playing golf for 15years!

Then about 4 years ago I noticed more and more that my nerves got the better of me. I was not able to get into my zone when playing. Not able to block out distracting comments from my opponents. In tournaments I failed although in practice I performed great.

Golf is a highly competitive sport. Once you reached a certain level you got the skills the know how – I HAD IT ALL.

And then my mind failed me! My nerves plaid the tournament – Not my skill.

Nerves, Stress, Negative thoughts you name it.

And that’s exactly what Viola and I did, we NAMED it and then we TAMED it.

Outcome first session: My focus and concentration improved.

Outcome second session: I was able to block out distractions and manipulating comments from other players.

Outcome third session : I AM ACTUALLY NOW USE THE DISTRATIONS AND MANIPULATING THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS to my ADVANTAGE. We reprogrammed my mind to perceive them as a motivation to rise to the occasion and to play at my best. ( So, thank you fellow golf players, because all you do is motivate me even more )

And the good stuff just keeps coming with each and every hypnotherapy session.

Above all and this is a very important aspect of Viola’s session with me, I re connected with the FUN of playing golf. WHY I started playing in the first place.

Because I love it! I had forgotten how good it feels to play, to win and to enjoy myself while I do something I have a talent for.

So, here it is Viola, my testimonial . THANK YOU and I am looking forward to our next session.

Golf Player - Jan 2014

Fitness [Top]

Fitness is an important part of life and it effects all areas of your life, may it be your health, body image, productivity, fertility, your energy or self esteem. Sometimes it is hared to stay motivated, to achieve your goal or to start exercising for the first time.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions to your subconscious mind can help you to stay focused on what you wish to achieve and to pursue your goal. The subconscious mind always gravitates towards positive change and sometimes it just needs a reminder of what exercising can improve in your life.

For more information on Fitness click here to Contact Us.

 Past Life Regression [Top]

Past Life Regression allows you to investigate and experience previous lifetimes and often shed some light on particular issues you might experience in this lifetime. It is the information that can be learned from reviewing previous lifetimes, that allow you to move past blockages, which may have held you down your entire life.

Whilst the detail of your pat life may seem exciting, it is the lessons from that lifetime which are important as you can use the lesson in your life today.

DISCLAIMER The testimonials on this website are a true and accurate reflection of what some of Viola’s clients have achieved. Results may vary from person to person. Hypnotic evolution website is not intended to serve as medical advice and should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care/ advice, however can be used in conjunction, if appropriate. If you conside your problem may be of medical nature, please contact your medical practitioner.